Industrial Group                 



About Us :

Fan Generator is a leading manufacturer of and service center for industrial electric machines. The company offers a wide range of products and services including:

  • Manufacturing high voltage induction motors

  • Co-manufacturing projects with well-known companies

  • Manufacturing low voltage induction motor for industrial applications

  • Manufacturing Roebel (transposed) bars, DC and AC coils and winding kits.

  • Manufacturing AC and DC traction motors

  • Manufacturing bare and insulated flat copper wire

  • Manufacturing dry and special transformers

  • Rewinding and refurbishment of all type DC and AC motors and generators up to 20KV 

  • Rewinding both distribution and power transformers

  • Rebuilding and rewinding traction motors

  • Repair of power plant generators


 We believe that offering quality products and cost-effective services is our first commitment to our customers. Please take a few minutes and survey our site.