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Low Voltage Induction Motors

Rib-cooled   low   voltage motors have a  long and proven    life-service history in the field of motor technology.  These    motors  are  widely  used  in  different  applications, while    demanding the least possible maintenance activities. 

Fan Generator  manufactures  industrial 3-phase induction    motors. These motors offer:

                     Compact construction with gray cast iron frame

                     Improved efficiency and reliable service life

                     IP 54/55 degree of protection

                     Low noise and low vibration level

                     High starting torque for demanding applications

                     Quality materials for winding

                     Low maintenance





HiHigh Voltage Induction Motors

Fan Generator has manufactured many medium and high voltage induction motors type
H-Compact under license of SIEMENS as well as tailor made electric motors according to the customer requirements.


All routine tests and some of type tests will be performed on the manufactured motors including the

                     Measurement of  winding resistance

                     Measurement of insulation resistance and determination of PI

                     Measurement of winding capacitance and dissipation factor

                     Inter-turn (surge) test

                     High Voltage test

                     Locked rotor test

                     No-load test

                     Measurement of vibration, noise and check of bearings

                     Check of accessories

                     Load Test

Our company is able to manufacture new electric motors as a spare for your existent motor without necessity to change the foundation structure of motor or load.