Industrial Group                 



Repair & Rewind

Our repair and rewind activities  date  back to early 1980s. At the moment, the company is  among  the biggest repair  and rewind centers  in  the  region and offers a wide range of engineering services for all kind of heavy electric machines. Our broad range of activities includes:

  • Rewinding all types of high voltage motors & generators 

  • Rewinding and rebuilding traction motors

  • Rewinding power and distribution transformers

  • Rewinding and refurbishment of DC motors and generators




We have rewound motors of reputed manufactures like: SIEMENS, ABB, AEG,  GE,  GM,  SCHORCH,  VEM,  SKODA,  GEC,  ALSTOM, ASEA,  BBC, LEROY SOMER, ELIN,  ANSALDO, BRUSH, TOSHIBA, FUJI,  MITSUBISHI, etc.

Our services meet most national and international standards. Furthermore, all rewound and repaired machines benefits from long warranty periode


Rebuilding Traction Motors:

Fan Generator has dealt with rail industry and off-highway vehicles for more than a decade. At the moment we have designated complete workshops and product line to overhaul and rebuild activities for AC and DC traction motors. In addition to the rebuild and rewind services, we manufacture mechanical/electrical components for use on or in connection with traction motors.

We have our  own  in-house wire and coil  manufacturing facilities, which enable us to offer high quality services at competitive prices.  On the other  hand, although  we are not dependent 

on  OEM’ s components for our activities, our products are completely compatible in performance  and quality with original equipment.

For DC traction motors, we apply a class H insulation system based on VPI method for armature. Stator poles are wound using permanently flexible silicon rubber insulation or rigid mica insulation according to customer's requirements. In the case of AC traction motor stator we apply silicon based materials and VPI method. 

Applying strict quality control, innovative engineering methods for manufacturing  processes,    and performance testing of rebuild traction motors, enable us to ensure a long service life for all  rebuilt and repaired motors.