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Products  - Roebel Bars and Coils

Roebel (transposed) Bars

Fan Generator has its own Roebel bar manufacturing workshop which is equipped with all necessary machineries and facilities for fabrication of air-cooled, water-cooled and gas-cooled bars of power plant generators.

According to your needs, we are able to produce Roebel bars in both method, VPI and Resin Rich.

Our High-voltage laboratory has all necessary instruments for final inspections and tests on products including

  •     100KV AC , 140KV DC high voltage test system

  •      Partial discharge measurement and monitoring system

  •     Capacitance and Dissipation factor measuring bridge

  •     Surge test system

  •     Insulation resistance measuring system

  •     Low resistance measuring system

Test certificate will be issued for each bar individually


Coils and Winding Kits

Our coil manufacturing workshop is equipped with all machineries and tools for manufacturing rectangular copper wire, coils and winding kits.

We are able to produce coils applying VPI or Resin Rich technologies according to your needs. Among our broad range of products, there are:

  •     Bare and insulated flat copper wire

  •     Diamond (form-wound) and hair pin coils for poly phase stators

  •     Bars of rotors

  •     All types of coils for DC and traction machines

  •     Main and inter poles of DC machines

  •     All type of coils for distribution and power transformer



      Observance of International standards in manufacturing and inspection as well as applying high quality insulation materials has made us able to export our products to well-known companies in Europe.